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7 March 2015 0 Comments

Co-rulers = confusion

King henryThere are some astrologers who claim that they achieve the best results in horary when they also consult the natal chart.

In my experience it is very common to find that these same astrologers are using the outer planets (Uranus Neptune and Pluto) as rulers of the zodiac signs. This practice in part explains why they need to resort to the natal chart – they are unable to get accurate answers using the so-called ‘modern rulers’.

The use of the modern rulers shows that the fundamentals of astrology are not fully understood. Astrology does need to be studied in depth, with patience.

Stand alone

The horary chart is a stand alone chart and we do not need to refer to the natal chart to find answers to questions. Some astrologers exclaim with a sense of wonder how amazing it is that some planets in the horary chart are aligned with planets in the querent’s natal chart. To read more on this topic click here.

What is not working?

I usually ask astrologers who use Uranus Neptune or Pluto as rulers of Aquarius Pisces and Scorpio respectively: “What was deficient with the old ruler?” It usually turns out that they have a limited understanding of why the 7 visible cosmic bodies have rulership of the 12 signs of the zodiac; 1 each for the 2 lights and 2 each for the 5 visible planets. Without this knowledge they are unable to explain why the ancient rulers need replacing; and do not appreciate why it is even important to answer the question! It’s a classic case of ‘they don’t know what they don’t know’.


Some of these astrologers seek to walk the diplomatic line by suggesting that both the ancient and so-called ‘modern’ rulers can be used as rulers of the zodiac signs. However a ruler is akin to a king or queen. In real life few kings or queens would consent to sharing their power with another. Why should they? A ruler is a ruler, is regal, and is not really a ruler if power has to be shared.

Note that I am not referring to bodies such as the Moon which are sometimes referred to as a co-ruler of the querent. I am referring specifically to the term as it is applied to planetary rulership of the zodiac signs.

The implausible proposal that any monarch would choose to share regal power shows the ridiculousness of  using ‘co-rulers’. Can you imagine what King Henry VIII’s response would be to this proposal?

It’s a modern nonsense invented by well meaning people to accommodate their sense of democratic fairness. Hard to condemn such a fair minded attitude but it does betray a lack of understanding about the foundations of astrology.

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