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Julia Gillard now Australia’s PM

On June 24 2010, 2 days before the lunar eclipse at 4 Capricorn, Julia Gillard was sworn in as Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard sworn in as Prime Minister

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Just as a horoscope is drawn up for the moment a person is born, so a horoscope can be drawn up for an event or the beginning of a Prime Minister’s reign. As Australia’s first female PM this particular horoscope has special significance.
As always we first look at the power points of a horoscope, which are the angles: the Ascendant and the Midheaven. The Ascendant in this horoscope is at 25.60 Libra, which is 2 degrees from the fixed star Spica. One of the foremost authorities on the fixed stars, Vivian Robson, on page. 211 of The Fixed Stars and their Constellations in Astrology, says that if Spica is rising it shows “…unbounded good fortune, happiness, ecclesiastical preferment, unexpected honour or advancement beyond native’s hopes or capacity.” This is an excellent omen for Julia Gillard in her role as Australia’s first woman Prime Minister.
The Midheaven of this horoscope is 15 Cancer, at which point the fixed star Canopus is culminating. Robson on page 150 says of Canopus when it is culminating that it promises “Great glory, fame and wealth, dignity and authority by the help of an old clergy man or influential person.” This is another very auspicious indicator.

Grand trine for Julia Gillard's appointment as PM

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The Ascendant itself is the focus of a grand trine. A grand trine is formed when 3 separate planets or significant points in a horoscope are united by a trine aspect, which is 120 degrees. This is considered to be a favourable planetary pattern by modern astrologers. Traditional astrologers would only view it as a favourable pattern if the planets involved are in positive dignity and reception. Mercury in Gemini is certainly in its dignity. It is the natural ruler of communication and reason. The other planet is Neptune, which has no traditional rulership over any of the zodiac signs. Mercury aspecting Neptune is often associated with persuasion, skilful communication, and sometimes with deception. With both these planets aspecting the Ascendant it appears as though Julia Gillard’s reign as PM will be characterised by her persuasive communication and ability to sell her message.
The other important feature of this horoscope is the T-square formed between the Sun, Pluto, and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This planetary pattern is associated with great tension. The Sun opposite Pluto is an indicator of power. The Sun represents the leader, who in this case is Julia Gillard. The opposition to Pluto shows that she is likely to be involved in intense power plays, with the goal of transformation and regeneration. The square of these planets to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction highlights the underlying tension representing the need for reform and change.
In the background, shown by the red dotted line in the diagram of the horoscope, is the antiscia opposition of Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn. Saturn has been going through a series of oppositions with these planets for some time. Saturn’s opposition with Uranus began on the day Obama was elected, and indicates social and political change, reform and revolution, with a strong right wing emphasis. Saturn’s opposition with Jupiter is associated with economic downturns, and occurs every 20 years. It is against this backdrop that Julia Gillard takes office.
The Ascendant ruler is often considered to be the most significant planet. In this case it is Venus placed in the eleventh house of hopes and wishes. The eleventh house supports the tenth house, just as the second house supports the first house. The eleventh house represents the resources of the government. Venus is considered to be a ‘benefic’, which is usually considered to be very positive, except in this case Venus has no dignity, a condition which is called ‘peregrine‘.
So Julia Gillard’s government has support, although this should not be over-rated. Venus receives a trine aspect from the Moon, which is translating the light of Mars. Mars rules the second house of finances, so one of Julia Gillard’s primary concerns will be to put the country’s financial affairs in order. It also rules open enemies and those with whom we negotiate. As Mars is also the natural ruler of war Julia Gillard may also have to consider whether to bring the troops home.

Julia Gillard natal horoscope

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And what about Julia Gillard’s horoscope? Unfortunately we don’t know her time of birth, although she was born in Wales. Her Sun is in Libra, the sign associated with diplomacy and the ability to anticipate the needs and actions of others. The Sun in Libra is in its detriment, and often shows a denial of one’s own needs in order to please others.
Her Moon is in Gemini, showing a quick and able mind. Because her time of birth is unknown, the exact position of the Moon is also unknown, and it is therefore difficult to speculate on its aspects to other planets.
Mercury, which represents her mind, is in Scorpio, showing strong intuition and deep penetrating insight, coupled with the ability for intense research.
Venus, the planet of relationships, conjoins Pluto, showing an intense nature, and the probability that she will experience significant power plays in her life. She is likely to relish ‘the cut and thrust‘ of politics. Mars, the planet of action, is also diminished in the sign of Libra, but makes a close aspect to Uranus, showing that Julia Gillard is likely to take action quickly and surprise others.
Her horoscope also shows a conjunction of the 2 planets most connected with economic matters, Jupiter and Saturn, both in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is weak in this sign but is dominated by a powerful Saturn which rules this sign. This is a woman with political judgement and pragmatism.
The above comments are only a light exploration of Julia Gillard’s horoscope. An accurate time of birth would enable a deeper and fuller interpretation

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