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Julian Assange gains freedom

The horoscope for the release of Julian Assange on bail at exactly 6 pm in London is a fascinating one.

Fixed star on the Ascendant

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange freed on bailThe ascendant in a horoscope is like the cover of a book in that it offers a strong clue as to the contents. In this case the fixed stars Pollox is conjunct the Ascendant. This also ties in with Julian Assange’s own horoscope. He has Mercury on the fixed star Pollox.

In my brief look at Julian Assange’s horoscope, founder of Wikileaks, I said: The role that Julian Assange is associated with in today’s current affairs is as a messenger, which is the role of the planet Mercury. Mercury in Julian Assange’s horoscope is at 23 degrees of Cancer, which is conjunct the royal fixed star Pollux. Royal stars which are prominently placed in conjunction with a planet or angle are said to give prominence in real life. In mythology Pollux was the Immortal son of Zeus and Castor’s twin, and had a Mars nature, and was headstrong, foremost, and commanding. Pollux always had to be first, leading the way, forging trails for others to follow. Pollux is associated with excellent prospects for wealth, prominence, and worldly honors. However the price of early success can be high.

Pollux on the Ascendant of this horoscope for Julian Assange’s release provides hope for his supporters that he will achieve success in his battles against authorities.

Jupiter crowns the horoscope

A second dominant feature of this horoscope is Jupiter’s conjunction to the Midheaven. When students begin to learn the history and beliefs behind astrology they quickly encounter the terms angular and angularity. The angles refer to the 4 power points in the horoscope. When a planet is within 5 degrees of an angle it lights up – its power is amplified. The Midheaven is one of the 4 power points in a horoscope and in this horoscope Jupiter conjoins the Midheaven.

Jupiter is the planet which offers hope freedom and liberty. Here it crowns the horoscope. When students begin to learn astrology one of the most important astrology lessons concerns the dignities of the planets. A planet in its own sign has essential dignity – it is in its essence. A planet conjoining the Midheaven has accidental dignity. Jupiter has both.

The Sun applies to trine Jupiter from Sagittarius with a separation of only 25 minutes. The Sun is the natural ruler of kings and authorities. The Sun is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is most powerful in this horoscope and offers hope, faith and grace.

Uranus the planet of revolution reform and shocks

This powerful Jupiter applies to conjoin Uranus, the planet associated with sudden surprise, reform and revolution. This application of Jupiter suggests that there will be further unexpected developments that will again turn this dynamic situation on its head. Jupiter and Uranus come together on January 5th, the day after the partial solar eclipse in Capricorn.

The Moon at the powerful anaretic degree

When the Moon or any planet is at the last degree of a sign it is said to be in the anaretic degree which gives it special importance. In this case the Moon is also ‘Void of Course’ . Some astrologers will tell you that a Void of Course Moon indicates that nothing will happen. While that is often true in a horary astrology it is not applicable in an event horoscope such as this. Clearly Julian Assange’s release is only the end of one chapter in this dramatic story of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, and heralds the beginning of another.

Julian Assange represented by the Moon

In this horoscope the Moon rules the Ascendant and since this horoscope is about Julian Assange’s release the Moon represents Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks. When the Moon moves into Taurus it has powerful essential dignity. In my astrology course online I explain the essential dignities in detail. Taurus is a zodiac sign which is descriptive of the enjoyment of physical comfort. Julian Assange is being sent to a wealthy manor where every comfort will be provided.

There are a number of positive indicators in this horoscope that auger well for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. However there is one important indicator that suggest that early celebrations need to be tempered with caution: Jupiter’s application to Uranus. While many modern astrologers speak in rosy terms about this planet it does have a dark side, which is its association with shock and terror.

Hopefully the Wikileaks release of documents will be a catalyst for reform and not for violent revolution or authoritarian suppression.


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