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Julian Assange – the horoscope

The horoscope for Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has no verified birth time. There is speculation that he may have been born at 2 pm.

Julian Assange's horoscopeWhen there is no known birth time I place the planets around the zodiac wheel with no houses and therefore no rising sign. The Moon’s position will can be anywhere within a 13 degree range.

The 2 lights

When birth time is available we must first look at the 2 lights, which are the Sun and the Moon. Both the lights are placed in water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. The water element is known as emotional, sensitive, intuitive, sometimes compassionate and caring. In traditional terminology water is cold and wet.

In Julian Assange’s horoscope the Sun in Cancer is in the sign which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio has a reputation for taking slights very personally, for being very intense, focused and persistent.  Those who seek to learn the history and beliefs behind astrology will encounter the traditional idea that the Moon in Scorpio is in its detriment, which suggests that its energies are more likely to be expressed in a negative than a positive way. The Moon in Scorpio also has a reputation for revenge and retribution.

Uranus, the planet of reform and revolution

The Sun in Julian Assange’s horoscope is also aligned with Uranus, the planet which is associated with a strong individual streak, and often a bright mind. People with Sun-Uranus combinations in their horoscope usually take a very unique view on life, and often have special talents. They are also known to place great importance on liberty and independence, and frequently champion the disadvantaged.

Mercury the communicator

Mercury, the planet which is often called the messenger of the zodiac, is associated with communication in all its forms. See also my post on Julian Assange and mercury Retrograde.
In this horoscope it is aligned with Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto is the planet associated with transformation, intensity, hidden secrets and covert power. Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, teaching, promotion and travel. The message that Julian Assange  wishes to convey and broadcast through Wikileaks concerns that which is hidden and covert.

Fixed star

The role that Julian Assange is associated with in today’s current affairs is as a messenger, which is the role of the planet Mercury. Mercury in Julian Assange’s horoscope is at 23 degrees of Cancer, which is conjunct the royal fixed star Pollux. Royal stars which are prominently placed in conjunction with a planet or angle are said to give prominence in real life.

In mythology Pollux was the Immortal son of Zeus and Castor’s twin and had a Mars nature, headstrong, foremost, and commanding. Pollux always had to be first, leading the way, forging trails for others to follow. Pollux is associated with excellent prospects for wealth, prominence, and worldly honors. However the price of early success can be high.

It is fascinating to see this same fixed star fall on the ascendant of the horoscope for the release of Julian Assange on bail in London.

Certainly Julian Assange has attained prominence and leads the way in revealing secrets. The headstrong commanding nature is perhaps modified by his Sun in Cancer and his Moon in Scorpio. His supporters will hope that the price of early success will not be too high.

Venus, planet of relationships

Venus, the planet associated with relationships and personal values, is aligned with Pluto, and also with Mars, the planet of war and strife. However Mars is placed in Aquarius, which offers a more detached and objective nature, which is a contrast to the Moon in Scorpio. Often we find that planets which are linked with Venus show the type of people we associate with. The alignment with Pluto suggests covert relationships and a desire for intensity.

Elemental balance

Of the 7 traditional planets in Julian Assange’s horoscope, 3 are placed in air signs and 4 are placed in water signs.  Clearly Julian Assange is motivated by deeply felt principles and wishes to communicate these feelings to others.

I have only touched lightly on this complex horoscope. A full interpretation would cover many pages. In future posts I hope to explore other facets of this complex personality as they are relevant to the ongoing drama that Wikileaks has unleashed.

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4 Responses to “Julian Assange – the horoscope”

  1. Linda 14 January 2011 at 09:22 #

    Fantastic article Peter, thanks for writing it. I have a new found appreciation of Sun/Uranus people, you are correct, they truly are unique individuals as we are seeing with Julian.

    Having struggled throughout life with the negative side of this planetary combination I now can now appreciate and celebrate this highly individual mix.

    • peter 14 January 2011 at 11:01 #

      Thank you Linda. It is very possible that the uniqueness of Julian Assange’s individuality would be revealed by the condition of his Ascendant ruler. There seems to be some debate about whether the 2.05 pm 17 Scorpio rising chart mentioned by Mary Plumb of TMA is valid. I do not impose a house system on a birth chart where the time is not validated or in contention.
      However if this chart is valid then the ascendant ruler would be Mars in Aquarius. Aquarius is a hot moist sign of Sanguine temperament. The active qualities of heat combine with the fluidity of moisture and the fixed nature of the sign to give his Martian identity a unique and sometimes abstract expression which can persevere in difficult circumstances. Mars is disposited by Saturn in the double-bodied sign of Gemini adding another level of abstraction.
      It is also interesting that this Mars would be in antiscia conjunction with his twelfth house Moon which offers a wealth of interesting interpretive possibilities. The Moon in Scorpio in detriment and in the twelfth house would suggest that in some way his emotional responses contribute to his difficulties. His mother and the influence of women in his life and the Moon as 9th house ruler could all be explored.
      However we are not certain of his birth time so I will stop there.
      regards Peter Burns


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