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Kevin Rudd: A Date with Fate - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
24 February 2012 0 Comments

Kevin Rudd: A Date with Fate

While we don’t have Kevin Rudd’s exact time of birth which would enable very precise predictions, the info provided by his birthday is revealing.

Rudd's horoscope (no birth time)

His natal horoscope shows Venus is in Scorpio. This is someone who takes betrayal very personally and has a long memory. The alignment of Venus with Uranus shows that revenge is best served cold in a surprise attack.

The ancient method of progressing planets shows that Venus is making a precise connection with natal Jupiter. This happens only once every 90 years on average and it is happening at such a critical stage in Rudd’s career.

Jupiter is associated with travel, expansion and opportunity. No doubt Rudd feels that now is the opportune moment to realise his goals. That the situation was brought to a head while he was travelling in the US echoes Jupiter’s connection with Venus.

And then along comes Pluto, the planet associated with the release of toxic material, upheaval and transformation. Transiting Pluto conjoins Rudd’s progressed Venus. Pluto’s slow progress through zodiac means that this event can only take place once every 250 years. Rudd has a date with fate.

But will he win? If he is able to harness the undermining power of Pluto and deliver he is a good chance. However without an accurately timed birth chart we lack sufficient astrological evidence on which to make a definite prediction.

Mars, the planet which represents his ability to fight, is very powerful as it is empowered by the Sun (the technical word for this is ‘caszimi’).

But to answer this question we must first have a look at Gillard’s horoscope which I will examine in the following post. Unless the throne is vacated Rudd has no chance.

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