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Learning astrology: Jupiter the cat

Jupiter the cat

Sometimes astrology is awesome in its simplicity.

This is the story about Alexander the cat.

The cat was Josephine’s beloved pet and had reached the grand old age of 20 years. In later years it had become deaf and in the last week of October 2013 as Jupiter began to station before turning retrograde Alexander fell into a coma.

Josephine’s natal chart (details removed for privacy) is shown. If you are learning astrology note that it is the 6th house which rules pets. The sign on the cusp of the 6th house is Pisces. By the way if you want to to achieve accuracy in interpretations always use the classical rulers of the zodiac signs. The ruler of Pisces is Jupiter and represents her cat: Alexander.

Alexander was a big cat and in Josephine’s natal chart Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

At the time when Alexander fell into a coma Jupiter was transiting Josephine’s Midheaven. By the first few days of November there was little sign of life. However Josephine kept her hopes up and maintained a vigil. By Wednesday the 6th of November Alexander was becoming stiff and cold.

Finally on Thursday, the day that Jupiter turned retrograde, Josephine decided to take Alexander to the vet to be put down by an injection just in case he was still alive and suffering. Alexander was buried later that day.

The cosmos has a way of reflecting life’s realities in the horoscope. To establish which planet represents Josephine’s cat we did not need to look deep into her psyche. All we had to do was to look at the planet that ruled the 6th house cusp and follow its motion to see what happened next.



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