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Money borrowed

Sometimes we hear the statement: “The 8th house represents money borrowed or shared money”.
I understand that this is generally assumed to be true but I don’t think it’s supported by good astrological logic.
The person you are borrowing money from is represented by the 7th house and their money is the 8
th house.
If they give money you their money it’s now in your possession and your possessions are represented by the 2nd house. Maybe it’s loaned to you with all sorts of conditions attached but it’s still in your possession until you pay it back. It’s in ‘your pocket’. We can’t call money you have borrowed shared money because unless you pay it back the lender can’t access it. Even if there are legal agreements that you should pay it back, while the money is in your possession it is represented by the 2nd house.

The houses do not by themselves carry meaning relating to legal or ethical constraints. They relate only to the simple reality of possession. It doesn’t matter whether the money in your spouse’s bank account or pocket is earned, stolen, borrowed or whatever. It’s in their possession and therefore ruled by the 8th house.
If someone borrows money from you, then this money is in their possession (the 8th house) until they pay it back to you.

Some astrologers think of the 8th house as shared resources or shared energy. This confusion is partly due to the loose definition of the 7th house as “other people” and therefore the 8th house as “other people’s money”. However when we are looking at a chart, whether it be natal or horary, the question usually concerns a specific person, not an amorphous group of unidentified people.

However if we do accept the idea that the 8th represents shared money, say for example money shared between you and me, then we would have to accept that therefore the 7th would represent us together; you and me. However I can find no astrological authorities, ancient or modern, who support this idea. In one’s natal chart the 1st house represents me and the 7th represents the other; usually the spouse or partner, the open enemy or person we are in contention or doing a deal with. But the 7th is never “us”.

This suggests that the logic for describing the 8th as shared money, or our money, is flawed. It simply does not make sense that the 8th house can be shared money but the 7th house does not represent us. The 8th house always represents the movable possessions of whoever is represented by the 7th house. It is a fundamental principle of astrology that the 2nd from the 1st always represents the movable possessions of whoever is represented by the 1st house.

The 8th represents someone else’s money, normally the lender or the spouse, and that money that stays in their possession until they give it to you. It’s not really shared. When they give it to you it’s your money and is ruled by the 2nd house. 

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