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Will Nathan Buckley be sacked as coach?

Nathan Buckley horoscope The question on everyone in the AFL football world (Aussie rules) is asking is: “Will Nathan Buckley be sacked as the coach of Collingwood at the end of home and away season?

Nathan Buckley’s horoscope shows he is a Leo, with the Sun Mars and Mercury in the sign of the lion. He is all heart and gives everything he has to every endeavour  A proud and honourable man. If he doesn’t survive as coach it won’t be for lack of trying.

The recent solar eclipse made an exact trine aspect (120 degrees) to Nathan Buckley’s natal Jupiter which is in the sign of its rulership in Sagittarius. A planet in its rulership is considered to be very powerful. Both the Sun and Jupiter are in signs of rulership, indicating that Nathan Buckley is blessed with talent.

However the eclipse to Jupiter, the planet often associated with sporting pursuits, is ominous. Normally an eclipse aspecting a significant planet spells the end of something.

This eclipse is on the fixed star Regulus, commonly associated with royalty. An eclipse at this position is often heralded as the death of kings. Nathan Buckley is a king in his world, a total standout on the sporting arena, and a lion to be feared.

In the last game of the home and away season on Saturday 26 August Mars is passing a conjunction with his natal Mercury. Mars is associated with aggravation and Mercury is the message. The combination does not suggest good news.

By late afternoon the Moon is approaching the midpoint of his natal SunMoon opposition. These are the two lights, and considered to be very significant in anybody’s horoscope.

Based on these small snippets of astrological information the chances of Nathan Buckley surviving as coach of Collingwood are minimal. Unfortunately without his exact time of birth we are missing a lot of valuable information that would enable a conclusive prediction regarding his continued tenure as coach.

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