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Neptune in the 1st house - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
2 December 2013 0 Comments

Neptune in the 1st house

Neptune in 1st houseIn the previous post I looked at an example of Neptune placed just above the Ascendant. The client’s mind was dominated by a glamorous idea, a distortion of reality presented by a slick saleswoman designed to fleece him of his hard-earned money.

This is a case of Neptune exhibiting negative behaviour.

I have also come across a number of examples where Neptune was just inside the 1st house, below the Ascendant. In each case the client was seeking an answer to a question related to either business or relationships.

While each question seemed quite reasonable the presence of Neptune in the 1st house had me on alert. As mentioned in the previous post I usually ignore the outer planets in horary questions because they are a distraction from the main game – the classical planets (Sun-Saturn) are usually more than sufficient to answer any question.

The exception is when an outer planet (Uranus Neptune or Pluto) is on one of the angles or conjunct one of significators of the question. In these cases there is a message which cannot be ignored.

The 1st house in an anatomical sense represents the head and a planet in the 1st house represents something in the head. Neptune has an association with chemicals and mind altering drugs.

Its presence in the 1st house may indicate that the client is on drugs or has had a problem with drugs that is relevant to the question. This is what I found in the questions referred to above.

Does Neptune in the 1st house always indicate an issue with drug use? No. But we need to stay alert to the possibility.
Does Neptune always represent something negative. No but it is more likely. Neptune’s manifestations are usually inconvenient: confusion, deception, vagueness, lack of focus. No planet is inherently evil and there are always potential long-term benefits associated with the outer planets. However horary astrology is concerned with the immediate situation and rarely are questions asked about long-term benefits.

As transiting planets their immediate effects are generally inconvenient, upsetting the smooth flow of our lives. This is actually the real meaning of the term ‘malefic‘. Unfortunately in modern English this term now has an association with moral decadence which has led many astrologers to reject the terms ‘benefic‘ and ‘malefic‘. I like the word ‘inconvenient’.

The inconvenient truth is that the outer planets often upset our daily comfortable rhythms and routines, even if in the long-term their effect is to give us a much-needed shake-up.




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