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Orbs for Aspects and Planets

Moon's orbFrequently the question comes up about orbs for aspects and planets.

What orb should I use for the trine or square aspect? is an example.

On a clear night you may have seen a halo around the full Moon. This is an orb of light. In natal astrology the lights (Sun and Moon) have bigger orbs as their light is stronger.

Planets have orbs, but how can aspects have orbs?.

Orbs for aspects are a recent invention, historically speaking. How do they make sense?

If we take the original meaning of the word ‘aspect’, meaning to glance, then it does not make sense that a glance can extend for variable distances. Either we can see someone or we cannot.

I advise my students to disregard orbs for aspects. 
Of much greater importance is whether an aspect is applying or separating.

I believe that astrology has to make sense in terms of real world phenomena and ‘making sense’ is the basic criteria for the acceptance or rejection of astrological concepts.

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