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Palmistry – spatulate finger tips

Palmistry - Spatulate finger tips- left handRecently I had the honour of being a guest at the home of my partner’s first cousin. Dai is man of extraordinary energy, with a love of travel, adventure, and activity. He manages to combine this with a strong interest in his family and friends in a spirit of warmth and generosity.

A glance at his hands revealed that his finger tips were a spatulate shape – the top (nail) sections of the fingers widen towards the tips. Dai has always shown a love of movement and does not hesitate to drive long distances when the need arises.

Below is a brief introduction to some of the basics of finger tip interpretation, followed by a look at Dai’s hands.

Some basic principles of finger tip interpretation

The the higher any feature is located on the hands or on a section of the hands, the more that feature represents a higher level of consciousness. Following this reasoning a step further: the tip of the fingers reflects the higher mind, and in particular the way that the mind patterns the expression of thoughts and feelings. The shape of the finger tips reveals how a person acts and communicates.

Palmistry Jupiter finger spatulate tipAlthough the full meaning of finger tip shapes are derived from a combination with hand shape, finger prints, dermatoglyphics (finger prints) and the individual meaning of each finger, in this short article I will focus only on the meaning of the rare spatulate shape.  The most common finger tip type is the rounded finger tip, following by the conic shape.  The pointed and square finger tip types are less common, and the spatulate type is quite rare.

Palmistry - spatulate finger tip - middle finger Spatulate finger tips show a widening of the top phalange, resembling a doctor’s spatula. The shape of these fingers shows that the energy of the psyche is driven outwards in dynamic activity.

People with spatulate finger tips need action and movement. Their sense of order is imbued with an originality of expression. Original and novel methods have a strong appeal. People with these tips are renowned for their explorative and inventive natures. They relish the establishment of new enterprises and ventures.

Combined with hand shapes

The hand shape provides the context in which to interpret spatulate finger tips. On broad thick hands with coarse skin there will be a love of sports and physical pursuits in general. These people will go crazy if kept indoors for too long.

On the firm thin intellectual hand spatulate finger tips indicate prodigious mental output and an  energetic pursuit of knowledge, with a need to teach, preach and persuade. This might also be the ‘irrepressible salesperson’ whose energetic persuasion can drive people to distraction.

Spatulate finger tips are rarely found on the sensitive emotional hand and would suggest the possibility of emotional burnout.

Because of the inherent need to action and movement a strong constitution is required. We would look for strong hands with a well formed Life Line. Normally an interpretation of the hands a horoscope interpretation, but in this case no accurate birth chart was available.

Dai’s hands

Palmistry spatulate finger tips  Back right handDai’s hands, while not especially large, are relatively strong and muscular, with medium flexibility and hardness. This hand shape is associated with an outgoing and social personality. The broad palms record practicality and a need to take purposeful action. Dai’s hands are slightly softer than is common for this type, reflecting more emotional awareness and responsiveness, and a strong need for involvement with people.

As can be seen from the photo at the top of the page Dai has a strong Life Line, reflecting a strong constitution. Every finger on Dai’s hands shows some degree of swelling towards the tip. The nails are broad and shortish, which is a common feature on hands with this rare finger tip type.

Dai’s personality is very congruent with the interpretation normally applied to people with spatulate finger tips.

Although most literature on chirology (hand analysis) over the last 150 years mentions spatulate fingers, few examples are presented. Dai presents a living example of someone who is able to integrate the personality traits represented by this rare feature: originality, a love of movement/adventure, independence and activity, into a modern successful lifestyle.

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4 Responses to “Palmistry – spatulate finger tips”

  1. frank pocklington 17 July 2013 at 04:57 #

    so what does a spatulate saturn finger end mean ?

    • peter 17 July 2013 at 09:46 #

      The term ‘spatulate finger’ refers to a finger that has a swelling near the tip.

  2. Linda Evans 24 August 2015 at 16:25 #

    Hi…..I have a male friend of long standing who has spatulate fingers and quite rough skin…….He is all of the things that you suggest spatulated fingers represent…….Highly active….Very inventive…..He never stops dashing around seemingly incapable of staying still for very long.
    An adrenalin junkie basically and a nightmare to have an intimate relationship with.
    I have joked for many years that he has had an empathy bypass
    and indeed his capacity for emotional sensitivity is virtually zero……I was therefore particularly interested on the comment….emotional burnout in relation to this finger tip type which I find extraordinarily accurate personally.

    • peter 20 July 2016 at 09:23 #

      yes interesting comments Linda.
      Spastulate finger tips = need for movement.
      Rough skin = physical activity / experiences.

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