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Lectures by Peter Burns at the January 2010 FAA International Astrology Conference

Peter Burns has been asked to make two presentations at the 2010 FAA International Astrology Conference in Brisbane Australia in January:

1. Financial Astrology: Simple and effective methods to predict market direction
Category: Financial
When: 9.00 -10.20 am on Friday Jan 15th
Synopsis: Many astrologers engaged in market trading use complicated methods and theoretical astrological models to predict market direction, often with little financial gain.
In this lecture Peter Burns will demonstrate how the most simple and fundamental astrological techniques can be used to show market direction.
Techniques borrowed from modern psychological astrology are not usually effective in the market. To be effective it is necessary to use basic traditional techniques that have stood the test of time, and to incorporate the modern (outer) planets in a commonsense manner.
Astrology is reflected in all life including the behaviour of the markets. When basic principles are applied it is possible to make serious money on the markets.

2. Power to the Stars
Category: Specialist
When: 2.50 – 4.10 pm Saturday January 16
One of the least understood areas of astrology is that of the fixed stars. The irony is that while modern astrologers are fixated upon the planets, the general public associates astrology with the ‘the stars’. However many astrologers might be surprised to learn that the fixed stars exert a powerful and understated influence upon the planets. There is an old saying that ‘the planets act only upon the dictates of the stars’.
In this lecture Peter will explore the mystery that lies behind the awesome power contained within the stellar backdrop of the heavens. In particular he will look at the meaning ‘Royal Stars’ and at the horoscopes of some individuals who have risen to positions of power and fame. If time permits he will also discuss how to use and interpret the fixed stars in the natal horoscope.

Peter Burns: Brief Biography
Peter’s interest in astrology began in the late 1970’s while studying for a sociology degree at La Trobe University. Since 1984 Peter has provided consultations for hundreds of people, and has been actively involved in teaching astrology and palmistry.
Peter was a regular guest speaker on the subject of astrology on ABC radio in Western Australia in the mid 1990’s, and on 3RRR in Melbourne Australia in 2002 and 3AW in 2006.
He has lectured at the Western Australian and Victorian Astrological Associations, and the International Astrology Conference held in Melbourne in 2004.
Peter has been national editor of the quarterly Journal of the federation of Australian Astrologers since 2000, and has written a number of articles on palmistry for various astrological publications over the last 10 years.
Peter has a Diploma of Astrology (FAA) and has been awarded a Horary Craftsman certificate by John Frawley.

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