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Pets in astrology

petThese seems to be confusion on a number of associated issues regarding pets.
Here I will discuss 4 related issues regarding the assignment of pets to the astrological houses.

1. I love my pet so much its like a child, therefore it is a 5th house matter.

So back to some basics: Small animals are represented by the 6th house ruler. The 5th house is reserved for babies. If ever your pet dog attacks your baby any doubt you may have on this matter will evaporate instantly.

Even when we have sentimental or strong feelings for a pet it is still a pet. Your relationship with the animal may be incredibly loving, but that does not make it a baby. A baby is a baby and a pet is a pet. Astrology reflects reality.

Among other things the 5th represents what we give birth to: human babies. We do not give birth to pets.

BTW in horary astrology a missing pet and its condition is represented by the ruler of the 6th house. In natal astrology we also look to the 6th house ruler. Click here to read about how astrological transits of the owner of a pet were reflected in the life and death of her pet cat Alexander.

2. I have a working relationship with a pet, such as a guide dog, so therefore my pet belongs to the 7th house.

One of the major differences between the 7th and 6th houses concerns hierarchy.

The 7th house is about equal relationships, and the 6th house is about unequal relationships. If a pet is in a working relationship that is a 6th house matter, so we look at the 6th house ruler. It is the human who is in charge, and it is the pet which is providing services for the human.

The same principle applies when we contract a sub-contractor or employ someone: that person is represented by the 6th house ruler.

3. I have a special loving relationship with my pet, which fills the void in my life since my partner died, therefore my pet belongs to the 7th house.

Just because we have a relationship with someone or a pet that does not automatically make it a 7th house matter. It depends on the nature of the relationship, not how much we love the pet.

To assume that because the 7th house covers our romantic relationships that it covers all relationships shows confused thinking and a lack of understanding of the astrology basics.

We have business, and other relationships which belong in the seventh. These can be adversarial or cooperative, but what they have in common is that the two people are roughly on an equal footing.

Our colleagues at work fall into this category. But our relationships with those who answer to us or are in some sense subordinate to us at work come under the 6th house.

We feed our pets and they are reliant and subordinate to us. They therefore belong to the 6th house.

4. A relationship with a pet or child can morph from one level to another because feelings about that person or pet changes. Therefore we can use a different house.

Again the fundamentals of astrology are not understood.

The arrangement of the houses is not based on how we feel. Some may entertain this notion from a sentimental point of view and would like it to be the case, but the horoscope is not a projection of our feelings. It’s about a more objective reality.

Once we start changing the meaning of the houses because we have strong feelings about something our capacity to be objective is diminished.

It is true that we may engage in activities with our children that can be categorised under different houses, such as a negotiation concerning rights (7th house), a game of scrabble or a walk in the park (5th house activities), or even run a business together (10th house activity).

The activity is one thing but our children don’t suddenly belong to the 7th house just because we engage in 7th house activities with them. They will always be our children no matter how grown up they become. This reflects a biological reality and this reality is rooted in our deep sub-conscious. Astrology must reflect reality.

Once we start imposing our ideals about how we think things should be astrology, and our clarity about reality, becomes diminished.


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2 Responses to “Pets in astrology”

  1. Chris Turner 9 August 2014 at 11:06 #

    If you treat your pet as a child then it has to do with the interaction between the 5th and 6th houses through their rulers or planets within them. The 5th cannot be a pet because the 5th is creativity = offspring and as yet humans cannot give birth to a dog. Pets cannot be the 7th because the 7th intrinsically is equal partnerships and no matter how we feel about our pets our relationship with them can never be equal. Again look to the relationship between the 6th and the 7th. The 6th is about pets because it has to do with all those outside our children who are dependent on us. Thus it is the old fashioned “servants”, employees – and domestic animals including pets. If you have to feed it even indirectly, it’s 6th house. (Slight over simplification :))

    • peter 9 August 2014 at 13:41 #

      Thank you Chris. Yes I like your point about humans not giving birth to pets. I also like the bit about “If you have to feed it even indirectly, it’s 6th house”. Of course some partners in a romantic relationship might disagree!

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