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Planetary Aspects for January 2014

Shown in the attached graphic are the major (Ptolemaic) planetary aspects for January 2014.
These are the conjunction opposition square trine and sextile.
Planetary aspects January 2014Lunar aspects are not included because they are too numerous.
Lunar phases are shown.

Antiscia aspects are also included (16th and 25th January). These reveal hidden agendas between the planets and are used in horary and natal astrology.

If you would like to learn more about these I am making available lesson # 12 from my horary astrology correspondence course. This is a short lesson in PDF format. It includes assignment questions if you would like to test your skills. If email your answers I will respond. The lesson assumes a knowledge of astrological basics such as the exact meaning of the houses, the meaning of the planets and signs, and essential dignities.


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