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Pluto the powerful dwarf

Modern astronomers have downgraded their official classification of Pluto to a ‘dwarf planet‘. However it may come as a surprise to some that it makes no difference to astrologers how Pluto is classified by astronomers.
Astronomers have no authority or influence in the astrological community, where they are generally viewed being uninformed. Astrology provides an understanding of the basic structure and meaning of life, and without this understanding any grand pronouncements about the classification of cosmic bodies has little meaning. Astrology was the forerunner to astronomy and modern science, as well as modern medicine. Within the hierarchy of knowledge covered by astrology astronomy and science are but sub-categories. Any attempt to prove or disprove astrology by scientific means can only fail because science is only a sub-set of the knowledge contained within astrology and science is therefore incapable of providing any comprehensive assessment of the subject. Astrology extends well beyond the parameters of science and therefore cannot be proved or disproven by scientific methods.

In regards to Pluto’s re-classification by astrologers what matters to astrologers is that this small body has a very powerful ‘influence’ – in fact one of its associations is nuclear energy! To borrow a sporting phrase, it ‘plays well above its weight’. Call it a dwarf if you will, but it is a mighty powerful dwarf. Classifications of planets by astronomers have no bearing on the real meaning of planets and other cosmic bodies.

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