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Predicting the Australian election - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
22 August 2010 2 Comments

Predicting the Australian election

Using dignity & reception in chart analysis

In my June 28 article on my stock market direction site in which I predicted the election date I demonstrated the effectiveness of using the national ingress horoscope, set for the beginning of the astrological year, to reveal national developments.

2010 Ingress for Australia

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The method I used to predict the election date was simple: The government is always represented by the tenth house and the opposition is always represented by the fourth house. In this case the sign on the cusp of the tenth house is Scorpio and its traditional ruler is Mars. The sign on the cusp of the fourth house is Taurus and its ruler is Venus.

Venus and Mars
Venus and Mars conjoined at 13 Libra on August 21. So this is the day when the two parties come together in battle. On that same day the Sun conjoined the 7th cusp. The cusps of houses 1, 10, 7 and 4 are considered to be power points by astrologers. I considered the conjunction of Venus and Mars and the Sun reaching the 7th house cusp sufficient evidence  to predict that the election would be held on August 21 2010.
In my brief comments before the August Victorian Astrology Association lecture I suggested that if the same logic was followed that was used to predict the election date, the government was in serious trouble.
The reasoning for this prediction is the ancient twin techniques of dignity and reception. On August 21 Venus and Mars are in Libra. Venus, the planet that rules the opposition

2010 Ingress for Australia with Venus-Mars conjunction

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inAustralia’s ingress chart for 2010, rules the sign of Libra. Venus is in its essential dignity. It is in its essence.

However Mars, the planet that rules the government in Australia’s 2010 ingress chart, is in its detriment in the sign of Libra. A planet in its detriment is damaged goods. Mars in Libra is disposited by Venus. It is really very simple: it is Venus, representing the opposition, who has the advantage.

The newspapers report that the government’s huge lead has been squandered by Gillard’s tactical error to go to the polls early. But how is the ‘hung parliament,’ where the ability to form a government is determined by the need for one of the major parties to form a partnership with independents, shown by astrology?

Receptions: Saturn square Pluto
Receptions are the answer. On the same day as Venus and Mars conjoined in Libra Saturn
Major Dignities

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in Libra made a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.  In the sign of Libra Saturn is in its exaltation. Exaltation is considered to be a major dignity. Saturn in Libra reflects the ability to balance conflicting demands with poise and good judgement.

Pluto is one of the modern outer planets, and has no traditional rulership in ancient astrology, and therefore has no essential dignity in any of the signs. However in the sign of Capricorn it is in the sign in which Saturn is dignified. Pluto dignifies an exalted Saturn. It simplistic terms we would say that Pluto ‘loves’ Saturn, and therefore will do whatever it can to assist Saturn. And what is Saturn doing in Libra? It is performing a balancing act. The result: a hung parliament where partnership with independents is required in order to govern.
So on the day of the election we witnessed the conjunction of Venus and Mars in the sign of Libra giving the government a major shock and also an exact square between Saturn and Pluto, with receptions showing that Saturn is empowered to bring balance.
Internet search
If you trawl the internet for receptions you will find discussions relating to the ancient texts, the origins of receptions, and different points of view about the validity of receptions in certain circumstances. The terminology can be confusing and the discussions bewildering. Expressions such as “planets receiving each other”, “giving virtue”, and “providing a reception” are examples.
Simple formula
I strongly recommend that you stick to the basics and keep your language simple and clear, such as: Jupiter dignifies Venus, therefore it loves Venus; Mars is in the sign in which Saturn has its fall, therefore Mars hates whatever Saturn represents.  Simple statements such as these focus the mind upon what the chart is telling you.
In my Horary and Foundation Studies classes I provide students with a simple formula that brings clarity and precision to the understanding of receptions. The course syllabus is listed on my new site at www.astrologycoursesonline.com and lesson 10 covers the subject of receptions.
Customised lessons
The use of dignity and receptions in natal astrology adds new layers of meaning to the chart’s interpretation. I strongly urge those who have not covered this topic to investigate it further. I am happy to provide customised lessons to those who wish to add these basic techniques to their astrological toolkit. If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact me.

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