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Prediction: Greens and Pluto

Greens and PlutoDaniel Hurst from The Age reported on September 24th 2013 that the re-elected leader of the Australian Greens, Christine Milne, wants to reach out to supporters who turned away from the minor party in the September 7 2013 federal election.

Senator Milne acknowledged the Greens must reconnect with voters after the party lost a quarter of its lower house vote on September 7.

The Greens secured 8.6% of the lower house primary vote in the election, suffering a swing away from them of about 3% from 2010. The party also lost support in the Senate. 

The Greens and Labor will together lose the power to block legislation in the Senate in July next year when a disparate group of micro-parties and independents take their seats. By any reckoning the Greens are in crisis mode.

The horoscope for the Australian Greens, submitted to Facebook by Michele Finey and shown above has the Ascendant at 10.25 Capricorn.

During the September 2013 federal election Pluto was at 9.02 Capricorn hovering within 1.23 degrees of the Ascendant.

When Bob Brown, the inspirational founder stepped down on June 15 2012 Pluto was at 10.43 Capricorn, just 18 minutes from the Ascendant of this horoscope.

The Greens are in crisis and the new leader Christine Milne fails to inspire.

One astrological commentator predicted that with Pluto on the ascendant their power will rise. The opposite proved to be the case and this failed prediction highlights some of the present confusion within the astrological community concerning the meaning of Pluto.

My own published prediction on Facebook was that Pluto on the Ascendant represented crisis for the Greens.

When Pluto crossed the Ascendant of the US Sibley chart (5.10pm July 4 1776) we had 9/11. This was experienced as a crisis in the United States. While a transit Pluto across the Ascendant in any chart will not always manifest in crisis (the natal condition and configuration  of Pluto will reveal its likely manifestation) we cannot automatically interpret it as a rise to power.

Does Pluto really equal power? The body in the solar system which represents everlasting power is the Sun. Nothing ‘can hold a candle to it’. It reigns supreme and all other light is but a reflection of its own.

How can it be that Pluto is associated with power by many astrologers? During a Facebook discussion/quiz I posed the question: Which planet represents power? 75% answered Pluto.

Pluto represents the emergence of repressed energy. And yes the release is very energetic as it erupts and transmutes and dissipates. And although the effects can be hugely disruptive and transformative this is the release of repressed energy, energy from the Sun which has been compressed within Pluto’s icy shell, saved for that special moment of release as timed by cosmic forces.

I believe it is the distinction between repressed energy of Pluto and pure power of the Sun that reveals the true nature of Pluto.

The symbol for Pluto is of a crucible held over the cross which is the symbol for the forces of matter which must pass and be transformed within the crucible before release into spirit.

In natal astrology a tight applying aspect with Pluto focuses and intensifies the nature of the planet concerned. Its energy is in a sense compressed into a crucible upon which other psychic energies are focused.

That the release of these energies resembles a power of its own is understandable and one can be excused for confusing this with the pure power of divinity represented by the solar sphere. But they are poles apart.

The so-called power of Pluto is but a dim repressed reflection of the majesty that is represented by the Sun, the majesty which is the ultimate physical symbol of divinity in this imperfect world of matter.

That Pluto’s transit across the Ascendant of the Greens horoscope would lead some astrologers to predict a rise to power suggests that a reappraisal of the meaning of Pluto is due.

Clearly it is important that any prediction should take into account all the various planetary cycles that are operative at the time of a prediction, as well as the manner in which the natal condition and configuration is echoed by the transiting planets.

However I think that we need to move beyond the simplistic interpretation that Pluto = power and transformation.

A deeper understanding of the type of energy expressed by Pluto is required if we are to achieve accuracy in natal interpretations and mundane predictions.

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