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Prove how astrology works

A common question put to astrologers by sceptics and other well meaning people is: “How can you prove that the celestial bodies have any influence on our lives? Prove how astrology works.” 

The trap in the question

The question is framed by assumptions about astrology that are not true and to answer this question it is important to step outside this framework. The basic assumption inherent in the question is that astrology is based on the notion the celestial bodies physically ‘influence’ our lives. This is not true, although there exceptions such as the two lights and Jupiter. The Moon in relation to the tides and other liquids, and the sun with its heat and light; and Jupiter, the great vacuum cleaner of the solar system, which sucks up the numerous stray asteroids and other space debris which otherwise would have destroyed civilisation many times over in the past. Astrologers call Jupiter “the greater benefic” for good reason.

Little other scientific evidence

However there is little other scientific evidence that the celestial bodies influence our lives in a physical sense. Some postulate subtle gravitational and other types of rays which may have an influence, but these influences have yet to be verified scientifically. The trap in the question is the assumption that astrology is concerned solely with a physical relationship between what is above in the heavens and what is below on earth.

More than the material world

However astrology at its heart is concerned with something other than the material world. It is underpinned by an understanding that there is something more to life than our material existence. The seen and the unseen. The material and the spiritual. This understanding is encapsulated in the ancient cosmology of astrology by the symbolic diagram depicting the spheres of existence. The two outermost spheres represent the divine, the spiritual, the immutable glory and perfection of the highest realm. The inner spheres represent various stages in the material world where everything is subject to the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death.

The wrong tool

The trap in attempting to answer questions about how astrology works in a physical sense is that something which is spiritual in nature cannot be proven by any physical method. It’s like trying measure air pressure with a spanner. It’s simply the wrong tool.

There is no point in trying to prove any causal relationship in a scientific sense because science is restricted to the physical and incapable of assessing anything associated with the unseen spiritual world. It’s ‘out of its depth’.

The unseen power

The other very important point is that it’s not the celestial bodies which cause anything to happen on earth. The real connection is that both the celestial bodies and events on earth dance to the beat of the same unseen drummer. Call it what you will, God, the universe, or something else.

It is this unseen fundamental power that dictates the rhythms of the celestial bodies and life here on earth. We are not looking at a causal relationship between the celestial bodies and events on earth. Rather the predictable patterns of the celestial bodies provide a simple way of understanding what is happening here on earth, and the nature of future trends and events. What we are witnessing in the heavens is much more extraordinary than a simple physical influences..

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