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Psychic abilities shown in the hands

In hand analysis there are a number of indicators of psychic potential. It is not uncommon for clients to ask if there is anything on their hands which indicate the potential for psychic ability.

Psychic ability can be seen from a number of indicators. One indicator alone does not necessarily indicate psychic ability, but when a number of these indicators are found together then there is a strong evidence of psychic ability.

Patricia Bell HandsAt the SOTA astrology conference in Buffalo New York in October 2010, where I lectured on horary astrology, I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Bell who is a resident medium of the exclusive Lily Dale community in upstate New York. Her web site is here.

Patricia’s hands showed 5 indicators of psychic ability which I will describe briefly in this article. A fuller description of how to read the hands is available in my Palmistry Diploma Course. There are other indicators of psychic ability which are not described in this article.

1. Finger length

The fingers represent the conscious mind and show how the energy contained in the palm is expressed through the mind. The fingers show the ability to live in the present and the ability to relate to the past by screening memories through the mind and comparing them with the present.

The fingers are always measured relative to the palm and are usually described long, medium, or short. Always use the middle finger as your guide to overall finger length. When measured on the back of the hand the fingers are described as short when they are only as long as or shorter than the palm. If the fingers are longer than the palm, they can be considered to be long.

Short fingered people think quickly and want to do things fast. They are less ‘full of thought’ (thoughtful) than long fingered people, and are more intuitive and emotional. Short fingers emphasise the overall perspective and the holistic view. Patricia has short fingers.

2. Finger Outline

When the joints of the fingers appear to stand out they are described as “knotty”. These fingers bulge at the sides where the joints are located.

When there is no bulging at the sides the fingers are described as “smooth”. As the energy passes through the fingers, it is slowed down by knotty joints, and passes unhindered when the fingers are smooth.

Smooth fingers indicate that the passage of thought through the fingers is unimpeded by analysis which is represented by the joints. Smooth fingers show an intuitive approach to life. It is clear from the photos that Patricia has smooth fingers.

3. Finger tips

Finger tips which taper towards the nails reveal a speedy passage of thought which is expressed as impulsiveness, spontaneity and idealism, unhindered by methodical reason. These finger tips permit a free flow of dreams and feelings from the psyche into the outer world, and are often found on the natural psychic and on those who appreciate the unconventional. Patricia’s fingers definitely taper towards the tips..

4. Soft hands

Soft hands show someone who is emotionally responsive, ‘soft’, and does not like hard physical work. By contrast hands which are comparatively hard show that he emotional energy is locked in and its expression is enjoyed as hard work and sustained exercise.

Soft hands which are also fleshy often show someone with great compassion. Patricia has very soft and hands. She is emotionally ‘in touch’ with her environment and the people around her.

5. The Psychic line on the palm

Psychic LineOn Patricia’s hands there is a line connecting the lower palm, which is the area associated with deep inner emotions and also mysticism, with the area beneath the Mercury finger, which is associated with communication. This curving line which is quite rare, has been called the ‘line of psychic intuition’.  It show the ability to communicate deeper intuitive insights to other people. This is precisely the area of work with which Patricia’s is involved.

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  1. jewel 16 February 2011 at 23:55 #

    Hello there. I am wishing to learn more palmistry and am wondering when the course begins.I have spent many years learning astrology and my mother has taught me palmistry and I need a grounder for it. Thanks

    • peter 13 March 2011 at 19:22 #

      Hi the Palmistry Diploma is an online correspondence course which you are welcome to begin whenever you are ready. Palmistry is particularly well suited to astrological practice as it provides insight as to which planetary indicators find expression in real life and shows how important transits manifest. To begin the course go to Courses on the top navigation bar, drill down to Palmistry Diploma, select your payment option and follow the prompts.
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