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Venus in Leo: Radiant love for everyone?

radiant love Venus LeoVenus, the planet of love, ruling things that are soft, pretty and attractive; chocolate, luxury, love and lust, young women and beauty, has entered Leo.

Leo is fixed, hot and dry, constant and generous, sometimes fierce, dominant and radiant.

In Leo Venus loses some of its softness and receptivity and becomes more outgoing, hardened and fixed. Her moisture dries up a little. Moisture is the bonding agent and consequently she bonds less and dominates more.

Does this mean that you will become more dominant in your love life? No, or at least it is unlikely.

While many astrological writers are fond of treating celestial events as though they apply to everyone, one of the foundation principles of astrology is that everyone has a different horoscope, and will therefore respond in different ways or not at all to specific events. Celestial events which correlate will my horoscope may not correlate with yours.

It has become common to extrapolate interpretations applied to cosmic events to a personal level, as though these events affect us all in the same way. If there was some confusion with mundane astrology, which deals with large groups of people such as nations, it might be understandable, but this does not appear to be the case..

This ‘broad brush’ application of celestial events to personal charts without consideration for individual differences is not good astrology, in my opinion. I think the fact that it is plastered all over the internet is a sad reflection on the state of astrology in the modern world.

Do we keep our silence on the matter, say nothing in case we might offend someone?

Are you concerned that in the public’s eye this generalized astrology might pass for excellent astrological practice?

Could there be a commercial incentive, such as attracting more views to one’s web site?

Does the fact that some who publish this homogenized astrology have qualifications from prestigious organisations influence our continued silence?

Is there anyone else who thinks as I do?

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  2. Toni 16 August 2014 at 06:12 #

    I totally agree with this peter.I am so surprised by some astrologers comments at times .

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