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Relationships, dignity & reception - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
4 June 2010 0 Comments

Relationships, dignity & reception

One of the major benefits of studying horary astrology is the understanding it brings to ‘first principles’. Included among these first principles are the concepts of dignity and reception.

The assessment of essential dignities underpins many judgements in horary astrology, and is invaluable in natal astrology. Unfortunately essential dignities are often overlooked by many modern astrologers. However when the essential dignities are applied to the assessment of relationships in the natal chart our understanding of the relationship dynamics is deepened. This is especially true when the receptions between planets are included in the assessment of relationships.

The natal chart is populated by planets which represent people in the life of the person represented by the horoscope. When these interplanetary relationships are examined with the insights of dignity and reception, the network of relationships, likes and dislikes, are revealed.

However these relationship insights are not available to those who have not studied the dignities of the planets, and the receptions between planets. Many astrologers know about the aspects between planets. This understanding can be further informed and deepened by an understanding of dignity and reception.

In regard to financial astrology, a number of financial astrologers were predicting a very fortunate time for big business and the economy in late 2007 as Jupiter was about to ingress into Capricorn. They clearly had no knowledge of essential dignities! Jupiter went into the sign of its fall when it ingressed into Capricorn, which coincided with the fall of the stock market.

If you are beginning your astrological studies, I would encourage you to first study horary astrology as it provides a solid foundation for all further astrological inquiry. If you are an experienced astrologer, I would also encourage you to study horary astrology. It will add immeasurably to your astrological understanding as well as your capacity to assist clients in natal work. Your insights will be deepened and your wits will be sharpened.

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