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Reverse calculation for the Part of Fortune?

Part of FortuneThe Part of Fortune is based on the position of the Moon if the angular distance between it and the Sun is maintained and the Sun is placed on the ascendant.

In other words Fortuna measures and reflects the natal lunar phase.

I know some reverse the calculation for Fortuna for night charts. However this means that a different lunar phase is being used than the one in the nativity. How does this make sense?

We are taught at an early stage in our astrological studies that the SunMoon relationship is of fundamental importance. This relationship is shown in our own charts by the lunar phase (new Moon, 1st quarter Moon, full Moon, disseminating etc).

If we use the night calculation for Fortuna we are using a different lunar phase than the one shown in our nativity.

I think that it is very important that astrology should reflect reality.

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  1. Anne Massey 24 May 2014 at 17:05 #

    Why would we choose to ignore the counter part to the fortune, the one for our spirit. In using both, we have two phases that intrinsically linked together and a lot for each of the luminaries.I love the two lots that are equidistant from the ASC and reveal which angles are more prominent in one’s life.

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