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the rules of horary astrology
3 February 2015 0 Comments

The rules of horary astrology

Sometimes I encounter people saying that they should not have to follow the rules of horary astrology, that it’s OK to make up their own rules. However the so-called ‘rules’ of horary are not like something you have to follow or you will be punished, or something to rebel against.

The ‘rules’ of horary describe how it works. In a similar way we could provide instructions on how to drive a car and call it the ‘rules’ of driving a car. For example to increase spend press the accelerator pedal; to slow down press the brake pedal. You can rebel against this but the consequences might be terminal.

In relation to horary astrology perhaps we ought to replace the word ‘rules’ with something more palatable. The rules of astrology describe how horary works and how to interpret a chart to find an answer.

Perhaps astrology attracts people who for various reasons are in rebellion against society or convention. However I think it is a mistake to project personal issues onto astrology. Better to seek your therapy elsewhere.

And this conversation sometimes leads to the idea that everyone’s idea has validity, that we must respect any opinion as OK, that the planets signs and houses can mean anything.

No they don’t. Each planet sign and house has a specific meaning. The Sun for example cannot be said to represent darkness. It is the body which represents light, does not have a shadow side and casts no shadow.
Mars does not represent things soft and cuddly, unless modified by sign or other astrological features.
Venus, unless otherwise modified, cannot be said to represent things sharp and aggressive.
And so it is with the signs. Planets in Libra, unless otherwise modified, do not show an aggressive nature.

The planets signs and houses do have specific meanings as do the so-called ‘rules’ of horary astrology. Make up your own rules if you wish, but you are not practicing horary astrology.

If you want to use horary (and astrology in general) to find answers to specific questions then follow the instruction manual which is called the rules of horary astrology.

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