Understanding the houses


This lesson from the Horary Astrology Correspondence Course: Houses & Horoscope Structure describes some important differences between the traditional square chart and the modern round chart.
also discussed are angles and pivots, the overall layout of the horoscope, the differences between the upper and lower hemispheres, how the perspective of the horoscope differs for those living in the northern and southern hemispheres, the 4 quadrants, the daily movements of the planets around the houses, the primary and secondary motions of the planets, the numbering of the house and why the model of psychological growth breaks down, planets on the cusp, counting the houses, the angular succedent and cadent houses, the strength of each of the houses, and an ‘angularity table’.

This lesson is a must for anyone learning the basics of horary or natal astrology.

As with each of the other lessons there are assignment questions included at the end to test your understanding. If you email your answers to Peter Burns he will send a commentary free of charge.

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Horary Astrology Lesson 6C: Understanding Derived Houses

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