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The FIXED STARS - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry




The fixed stars reveal the awesome power and majesty of the heavens.

In this introductory presentation Peter Burns discusses the use of fixed stars in horary and natal astrology, what orbs to use and which aspects to consider.

He provides a background to the meaning of the fixed stars and their place in ancient cosmology.

Included is an introduction to the royal fixed stars, the 4 ‘watchers of the heavens’, and other important fixed stars. How to interpret in the natal chart.

Length: 1 hour
Plays on PCs and Macs

Horary Astrology Reading Request a reading. Most subjects covered.

The Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma correspondence course contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology.

The Palmistry Practitioners Diploma correspondence Course provides basic logical principles underlying hand reading as well as the "how-to" practical application about how to read the hands.


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