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Palmistry Hand Types

The hand reader who is able to correctly categorize palmistry hand types has a major advantage because categories offer a comprehensive personality description. It is like a ‘package deal’. If you can identify the package you will know what is inside without needing to analyse each aspect of the hand. Horary Astrology Reading Request a […]

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Astro – Palmistry Example

The combination of astrology and palmistry is called astro -palmistry. It provides an amazing tool for fast and deep insights into personality and suitability for career and lifestyle. An example is a Horary Astrology Reading Request a reading. Most subjects covered. The Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma correspondence course contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology. The […]

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Online Palmistry Course Syllabus: How to Read the Hands

Section 1: THE MASTER INFORMATION Lesson 1: Requirements to be a Hand Reader Lesson 2: Introduction Lesson 3: The Importance of Context Lesson 4: Which Hand do I Read? Lesson 5: Hand Structure Lesson 6: The Foundation – Palm Dimensions Lesson 7: Finger Length and Shape Lesson 8: Finger Tips Lesson 9: Additional Features Relating […]

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Palmistry Correspondence Diploma Course

Peter Burns is now offering an online palmistry course focusing on the psychological interpretation of the hands, with astrological correlations. Palmistry is without peer in the ability to offer a quick and accurate personality assessment. Each person carries with them 2 maps of their psyche – the inner and outer personality. The hands are unclothed […]