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6 New Mini-Workshops with Peter Burns

Where: Elwood & St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre,  87 Tennyson St Elwood.
When: Saturdays 2-5 pm, dates below.
Cost: $20.
Interactive: These area interactive workshops.
Discussion of your personal horoscope: You are welcome to bring your chart (horoscope). If you don’t have your horoscope and would like to have it discussed during the workshop that you attend please contact Peter Burns beforehand.
Bookings: There is no need to book – just turn up on the day.
Source: The content of these mini workshops are sourced from my email correspondence astrology course: horary astrology

1. Horary 101
Saturday 7th May 2-5 pm
Horary astrology has a number of important advantages over natal astrology – it is fast and accurate and excellent for answering specific questions.  If you wish to learn astrology it is important begin with the foundation principles. An introduction to the basics of horary astrology. Underlying principles. Description of basic techniques. Horary principles applied to the natal chart. Examples of money and relationship questions.

2. Fixed stars
Saturday 14th May 2-5 pm
The fixed stars reveal the awesome power & majesty of the heavens. How to use fixed stars. Orbs & aspects.
The use of fixed stars in horary and natal astrology. Important fixed stars. How to interpret in the natal chart.

3. Solar returns
Saturday 28th May 2-5 pm
Solar return charts are used to forecast the year ahead. In this workshop I will examine some of the confusions surrounding the interpretation of solar return charts. The missing keys for interpretation. Extracting more meaning from fewer symbols.
Linking with the natal chat. Sorting out what is relevant. Solar timing. 

4. The Elements and their rulers
Saturday 4th June 2-5 pm

Did you know that the elements have planetary rulers? This basic concept is one of the missing keys of astrological interpretation and is very useful for understanding relationships. If you don’t know about “triplicity rulers” you are missing one of the keys principles in astrology. Although missing from the modern astrologer’s toolkit, triplicity rulers were used to make astrological predictions about the course of one’s life for hundreds of years. 

5. Day planets and night planets
Saturday 11th June 2-5 pm

Just as some people prefer the day and some the night, so it is with the planets. The concept of ‘sect’ is one of the missing links in astrological interpretation. Without an understanding of sect the modern astrologer is adrift in a sea of fuzzy cookbook interpretations. Techniques. Interpretations. 

6. The Parts – sometimes called “Arabian Parts”
Saturday 25th June 2-5 pm
The parts for marriage, fortune, spirit and vocation. How to use the parts. Where is your fortune? What about relationships? Understanding the logic of the parts. Transits to the parts.

Horary Astrology Diploma Course by email correspondence 

Horary Astrology Reading Request a reading. Most subjects covered.

The Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma correspondence course contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology.

The Palmistry Practitioners Diploma correspondence Course provides basic logical principles underlying hand reading as well as the "how-to" practical application about how to read the hands.

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  1. Paige Boutin Lester 7 May 2011 at 21:10 #

    I would like more information e.g. cost, and if the classes will be live streaming, do I need something special to access?
    Thank you.
    Did you want my home address under “mail”? If so, why?

    • peter 15 July 2011 at 11:40 #

      Apologies Paige I somehow missed your comment.
      Yes classes will be streamed live in the future – I will let you know the details when we ar ready to proceed.
      No I don’t need you home address under ‘mail’.
      regards Peter Burns

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