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The Cosmos never ‘Goes to Sleep’

Horary astrology uses the language of the planets and stars to interpret the Cosmic or Divine Mind (or the Will of God depending on your belief system). In ancient times a horary question was regarded as being similar to a prayer and the astrologer’s job was to interpret the answer using the horoscope for the time when the question was asked.
It is important that the question is asked with intent, in the sense that the person asking the question has a strong desire to know the answer. When the desire and motivation is strong the horoscope usually resonates and provides a clear answer.
When trivial or contrived questions are put to the astrologer, often with a desire to test or trick, the resulting horoscope will reflect these intentions. The cosmos provides a true reflection of all life on Earth.
Some astrologers pay extraordinary attention to what are called ‘considerations before judgement’ and will declare some horoscopes as invalid and therefore incapable of being interpreted.
I believe that this practice overlooks the basic truth that the cosmos never ‘goes to sleep’. The basic principles of astrological interpretation do not suddenly switch off because someone has asked an inappropriate question. It is much more likely that the horoscope will reveal ‘the question behind the question’ and reveal deeper underlying and unstated issues.
The ‘considerations before judgement’ can always be used as a convenient tool to avoid interpreting a chart, but the bigger picture is that the horoscope will reveal the deeper truth to those astrologers who have the determination to apply sound astrological principles and the discretion to communicate appropriately to the client, always ensuring that the client’s best interests are kept as a top priority.

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