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The Heart Line

The following is a sample excerpt from the Palmistry Diploma Course.

In hand analysis the meaning of the Heart Line is derived from the sides of the palm it links together – the inner world of fantasies and dreams (the side of the palm beneath the little finger), and the outer world where other people are encountered (the area of the palm on the thumb side of the hand). From this we can see that the Heart Line has to do with how inner feelings are expressed to other people.
The Heart Line shows which qualities are valued. The type of hand on which it is found will show how these values find expression.
Idealistic Heart Line The Idealistic Heart Line
A Heart Line which is very long and runs to the edge of the palm under the index finger, shows an idealist. This is the trusting and sentimental person, prepared to sacrifice personal needs for their partner. Principles are very high, and the same is expected of others. The partner is put on a pedestal, and can do no wrong. The down side to all of this is disappointment when the partner’s standards do not live up to expectations.
A Heart Line can be considered idealistic if it ends anywhere under the first finger. These idealistic feelings go to extremes if the line ends at the edge of the hand, or on the finger itself. A long Heart Line shows strong feelings, and the focus of these feelings will be described by the type of hand on which they are found.
Ending under the Jupiter finger shows altruistic idealism, pride and sentimentality. There is an over emphasis upon trust, loyalty and sincerity when this line ends close to the index finger. Here the partner is placed upon an idealistic pedestal and adored in a sentimental manner. When this long line is pronounced there is blindness to the frailties of the partner and those close to the heart. Revelation of their partner’s weakness can come as a shock and result in a reversal of loyalty. These qualities are moderated when the line ends low on this zone or ends close to the middle finger.
Such a long heart line can also show a judgemental attitude as well as anger, especially if the lines on the palm are very red.
Ending at the outer edge of the hand indicates that adoration and loyalty to a cause are pushed to extremes. This person is ‘all heart’. Sentiment, romantic ideals and emotions overshadow commonsense and logical foresight. Verity says that this “…creates a barrier effect”, giving impulsive feelings unnatural predominance over the thinking processes. I have observed that this line indicates a very humanitarian outlook and a sense of universal brotherhood. Ending under the Jupiter finger shows altruistic idealism, pride and sentimentality.
The Pragmatic Heart Line
Pragmatic heart LineIf your heart line finishes under the Saturn finger, then you are the pragmatist in love. You prefer to consider the practical realities of any potential partnership in terms of what you stand to gain. You will consider the short term gain regarding sensual and sexual satisfaction, and you will also consider the long term financial prospects. If the hands are flat (very little padding) and hard, then the mental focus will be pragmatic and realistic, with little warmth or sentimentality, and a intellectual detachment regarding sex. If your hands are soft with lots of padding, then you will be very sensual and self indulgent. If the hands are broad and firm, then an industrious hard-working nature will be directed towards clear goals, unfettered by sentimentality.
The Balanced Heart Line
The Balanced heart LineIt is common to find that the heart line ends somewhere between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers. This shows a natural balance between the extremes of idealism and pragmatism. Common sense prevails. Sentiment, emotion, and pragmatism are all motivating forces. Branches from the Heart Line going to the Jupiter Zone show add sentimentality and idealism. Branches ending in the area under the Saturn finger above the heart line add pragmatism and materialism.
The Physical Heart Line
If the Heart Line is steeply curving then there is a need for lots of cuddles and physical closeness. The sensation of skin against skin is needed on a regular basis to feel content. Sensual and sexual expression is important.
The Romantic Heart Line
Romantic Heart LineIf the Heart Line follows a relatively straight path then it is ‘the vibes’ that play such an important role in romantic encounters. The music, the ‘atmosphere’, and the mood are important.. The state of mind is critical. This has sometimes been called ‘the Mental Heart Line’, because it is closer to the Head Line. Emotional responses depend very much on the mental state. When stress is present, then it won’t matter how enthusiastic the partner may be.  Being ‘in the right mood’ is so important for those with the Romantic Heart Line. Because this line is in close proximity to the Head Line it shows a need for acknowledgement and recognition in reward for caring and helping others. This Heart Line shows the need for verbal appreciation.
Personal Consultations
In a personal consultation the size and shape of the hand describes the type of personality on which the heart line is contained, and this context contains vital clues for the interpretation of love and relationships. There is also a timing revealed on the Heart Line in regard to life events.
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