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The Part of Fortune – reverse formula?

In astrology the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit are very important Parts (sometimes called ‘lots’). Each is a mirror image of the other.

Sometimes the Parts are called Arabian Parts although it is now known that they are Egyptian in origin. In Hellenistic times they were referred to as ‘lots’.

The Part of Fortune, sometimes called ‘Fortuna’, is an indicator of health wealth and prosperity. The Part of Spirit is has spiritual associations with the character of the soul and one’s sense of purpose. These Parts are used in horary astrology and natal astrology.

The alternative names for the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit are the Part of the Moon and the Part of the Sun respectively.

The reason for these alternative names is that Fortuna is placed where the Moon would be is the Sun is paced on the ascendant if the distance as measured in absolute longitude (degrees of the zodiac) between the two lights is maintained. The formula is written as: Ascendant + MoonSun.

The Part of Spirit is where the Sun would be if the Moon is placed on the ascendant and the distance between the lights is maintained. Its formula is written as: Ascendant + Sun – Moon.

Should the formulae for these Parts be reversed for night charts when the Sun is below the horizon of the horoscope?

Some who argue for the formulae to be reversed quote ancient authorities. Others simply say “this works for me.”

I wonder how objective the “this works for me” group can be in matters of spirit. And regarding ancient authorities, none is infallible.

I believe that common-sense and the fundamentals of astrology should be our guide.

The Sun relates to spirit. Its symbol includes of the circle of spirit.

The Moon relates to the body, or at least to the soul’s experience of being in the body. The experience and various reactions of being in the body are the stuff of emotions, which is why the Moon is commonly associated with emotions.

The Part of Fortune is associated with earthly experiences and the capacity to relate to the physical and social environment. The assessment of the condition of this Part and its ruler show our lot or fortune.

Body-emotional experiences are associated with the Moon. The Part of Fortune is associated with the Moon and has been called the Part of the Moon. It does not make sense, at least in my mind, to reverse this formula, because then it would the formula for the Part of Spirit.

The Part of Spirit is associated with spirit and conscious choices. The Sun is related to spirit. The Sun has long been seen as the physical manifestation of God in this universe. Its light is awesome, it is all powerful and it is the source of all life. The Part of Spirit is linked to the Sun and has been called the Part of the Sun. To reverse the Part of Spirit is to make it the Part of the Moon.

Astrological argument can sometimes become academic and disconnected from the fundamentals of life. I believe it is important to find clarity in the basic astrological truths.

The meanings of the Sun and the Moon are fundamental to astrology and the Parts which are associated with them reveal deeper truths.

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4 Responses to “The Part of Fortune – reverse formula?”

  1. Eve Dembowski 8 July 2011 at 13:35 #

    Hey Peter,

    Just wanted to comment on your idea about the “reverse or not” controvesy regarding the Lots of Fortune and Spirit.

    It is important to understand that these Lots were conceived of at a time when Sect was a crucial part of natal astrology. The “Sect Light” (Luminary that is of the Sect in favour) became the principle light (of spirit) in the chart (and in the sky); that is the Sun in a day chart and the Moon in a night chart.

    My understanding of the philosophical foundation was that the Lot of Fortune represents the moving from the “light to the darkness” or from spiritul/essence into body/matter; while the Lot of Spirit represents the moving from material darkness into spirit/light. The Sect Light (Moon in a night chart, Sun in a day chart) represents the Spiritual light in that chart, while the Luminary not of the Sect represents “the fallen light”, the dark, so to speak.

    At night the Sun is not visible; it is not awesome in the sky, it is in the dark, The Moon is the Light of the night. So in a nocturnal chart we go from the Sect Light (Moon) to the Dark (Sun)to calculate the Lot of Fortune. Naturally in a day chart it is the opposite.

    You are right that the naming of the Lot of fortune as the Lot of the Moon refers to Fortune being associated with the material experience of life, while Spirit being called Lot of the Sun refers to its association with the spiritual experience of life; but this refers to the general signification of both Moon and Sun, not their specific signification within a particular sect.

    To reverse the formulas is far from being “disconnected from the fundementals of life”. On the contrary it is aligned with the astrological truth (which reflects our geocentric experience) that for half the time we do not experience the Sun as light, because it is gone from the sky. This is fundemental to our experience of life.

    My two cents worth,
    Eve Dembowski

    • peter 9 July 2011 at 09:48 #

      Thank you for your contribution Eve
      I am familiar with the concepts you put forward and have read many discussions relating to these issues. And yes I understand that the Lots were conceived of at during Hellenistic times when Sect was a crucial part of natal astrology and we are in agreement about the naming of the Lot of fortune as the Lot of the Moon and the lot of Spirit being called Lot of the Sun in reference to its association with the spiritual experience of life.
      While importance of sect is not disputed it does not automatically follow that formula for the Part of Fortune should be reversed. Going from the dark to the light and dark to light in reference to the Part of Fortune/Spirit is not a concept that is universally accepted amongst astrologers.
      Ptolemy and Lilly, two huge figures in the history of astrology, did not reverse the formula.
      The bigger question is: Is it really appropriate to mix Hellenistic concepts with the astrology that is practiced over a 1000 years later?
      If the formula for the Part of Fortune is reversed we have the Part of Spirit which has an entirely different meaning.
      I believe that commonsense should win over academic argument and that the standard formula used by Ptolemy and Lilly should be employed: Ascendant + Moon – Sun.

  2. Sarah 5 January 2017 at 07:26 #

    There are other Lots and Parts that use day/night formulas as well.. of course I’m basing this off what information I’ve found online. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on day/night formulas for other Lots/Parts. Thanks Peter!

    • peter 16 February 2017 at 12:37 #

      Hi Sarah. Yes these lots and other parts are all derived, or follow the same logic, as using day/night formula for Fortuna. And therefore they are invalid for the same reason.
      The lunar phase in a natal chart is incredibly important and colors the life. We can’t just pretend that it is a different phase. The formula for calculating Fortuna uses the natal lunar phase (the arc between the Sun and the Moon). Using the day/night formula is, IMO, living in the land a pretend and fantasy. It really does not make sense. If something does not make sense it is nonsense.

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