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The USA 2010 Ingress & the Deepwater Oil Rig Disaster - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
21 July 2010 1 Comment

The USA 2010 Ingress & the Deepwater Oil Rig Disaster

The Importance of the Moon in Ingress Charts

Since ancient times the ingress of the Sun into the cardinal sign of Aries has been used to plot the destiny of nations. The interpretation applied to the beginning of the Sun’s annual journey must be set against the backdrop of the larger cycles if its meaning is to be fully understood.

The ingress chart for the Sun

The ingress chart for the Sun is a derivative chart in the sense that it draws its substance from the potential shown in the birth chart of the nation. It is a lens through which we can see how planetary potential shown in the original birth horoscope is focused for the current year, and the issues around which our consciousness (the Sun) are focused.

The awesome power and majesty of the Sun has for millennia been considered the physical manifestation of divinity, the prime mover of our universe. The Moon is the beloved partner of the Sun and the fastest of the moving cosmic bodies which astrologers call ‘planets’. In her monthly cycle, as she fills and empties herself of the Sun’s energy, she transmits the divine light to the other planets.

The Moon in the ingress chart

The position of the Moon in the ingress chart is a still frame snapshot capturing the image of the Moon’s transmission of energy from one planet to another. This transmission of light symbolises the ebb and flow of energy and emotions within the collective, and the planets or fixed stars involved in the energy transfer have special significance for the year ahead.

In this short analysis I use a blend of ancient and modern techniques to demonstrate the value of ingress charts and in particular the importance of the Moon as representative of the flow of events. The event that I wish to highlight is the April 20 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion which has resulted in an unprecedented ecological disaster of tragic proportions.

Although limited space here only allows me to tease out a few threads from the rich tapestry of meaning inherent in the complex interplay of planet energies from original birth chart of the United States and its derivative 2010 ingress horoscope, the significance of the Moon is very apparent.

Backdrop: Important 2010 transits to the horoscope of the USA

Transits to the USA Chart from the Deepwater Oil Rig Explosion

Click image to enlarge

The chart I favour for the USA is the 5.10 pm Sibley chart for July 4 1776 in Philadelphia. Transits of the modern outer planets to this horoscope have correlated with important events. For example Pluto crossing the ascendant with 9/11, Neptune conjoining the Moon with the Deepwater Horizon oil leak tragedy,  Uranus opposite Mars and Saturn conjunct Uranus at the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion. NSW astrologer and regular FAA Journal ‘Eye in the Sky’ columnist Ed Tamplin has also pointed out that the entry of the USA into World War 2 correlated with progressed Mars conjoining the Midheaven and transiting Uranus on the Midheaven.

At the time of the Deepwater Horizon explosion:

1. Saturn is very close to the Midheaven.
2. Pluto, the planet representing crisis, death and rebirth, opposes Venus, the ruler of the tenth house, the national executive.
3. Neptune, the planet representing oil, conjoins the US Moon.
4. Uranus, the planet which represents sudden shocks, conjoins the fourth house cusp (the IC), along with Jupiter. The IC represents the land, the American homeland.

Together these 4 transits represent a time of challenge for the American people.

Significant features of the 2010 USA ingress horoscope include the following:

USA 2010 Ingress of the Sun

Click image to enlarge

The horoscope for the ingress of the Sun in 2010, shown on the left, has 21.13 Cancer rising with the Moon at 26.13 Taurus. Aspect arrows show the application of one planet to another.

1. Moon conjoins Algol, long regarded as the most malefic of the fixed stars, with a particular association with death and disaster.
Moon, significator of events, The Moon carries the energy of Algol and applies to first to Uranus and then to Neptune, the planet which signifies oil.
2. The Sun trines Mars, the planet representing explosions. The Sun and Mars are in mutual reception, which facilitates their energy transfer. The Sun conjoins the Midheaven which gives it extra power. In horary astrology planets conjoining the angles are regarded as having ‘accidental dignity’. Accidental dignity is covered in my distance education  Horary Astrology and Foundation Studies courses.  Mars is in the first house, emphasizing its importance and relevance.
3. The Sun next opposes Saturn, seen as ‘the greater malefic’ in traditional astrology, and is also associated with disasters. Although Saturn is in the sign of its exaltation it is retrograde. A planet in retrograde motion is like a person walking backwards, likely to have an accident. Saturn is very angular on the IC and thus has extra power to cause problems.
4. Venus in this chart rules the fourth house, which is the American homeland. Venus is not on its best behaviour in the sign of its detriment and acts more like a malefic.
Venus is in antiscia opposition to Jupiter. Antiscia aspects are like shadows and suggest a hidden relationship. However the opposition is like a normal planetary opposition in that it represents two forces opposing each other. The opposition of Venus to Jupiter exacerbates negative tendencies.
While Jupiter has positive dignity in Pisces, one very old interpretation for this sign placement is flooding. Pisces is associated with the sea. The sea near the homeland is flooded with oil. Jupiter’s ninth house placement suggests foreign involvement (BP).

Although the horoscope the chart for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig explosion is replete with meaning I do not have the time to provide an analysis here. Obvious starting points for discussion include the background context provided by the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the Sun’s trine to Pluto and the Sun’s antiscia opposition to Neptune, the Moon’s transfer of light from Jupiter to Venus and aspects involving Mars.

Transits from the Oil Rig Explosion chart

Lunar connections between the 2010 USA ingress chart and the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion chart:

USA 2010 ingress chart with Deepwater oil rig explosion planets

Click image to enlarge

1. Moon in the Oil Rig The Explosion Chart conjoins the Ascendant in the 2010 ingress chart, within one degree. The Moon has transferred the light of Algol to the Ascendant. The Ascendant in an ingress chart represents the country – the USA is faced with a disaster.

2. Venus conjoins the Moon in the ingress chart. As we have seen Venus in the ingress chart represents the American homeland and the Moon in the ingress chart applies to Neptune, the planet which represents oil.

3. The lunar eclipse of June 26 2010 squares the Midheaven/IC axis of the ingress chart, and also conjoins Pluto in a T-square to this axis, aligning also with the Sun and Saturn.

4. The solar eclipse of July 11 2010 falls directly upon the Ascendant of the ingress chart. It is interesting to note that it also makes an antiscia conjunction with Uranus and the Descendant in the US Sibley chart.

5. The Moon’s South Node conjoins the Ascendant of the USA 2010 ingress horoscope. In traditional astrology the South Node is associated with loss.

Although not a lunar connection, we can add to this list the Sun in the Oil Rig Explosion Chart which makes a partile square the Mars in the ingress chart, thus energizing the explosive and destructive potential of Mars.

The importance of the Moon as representative of the flow of events

In the above list of the lunar connections between oil rig explosion chart to the 2010 USA Sibley ingress chart the importance of the Moon in its representation of the flow of events is critical.

1. Moon in the ingress horoscope is conjunct Algol.

2. Moon in the 2010 chart applies directly to Uranus thus transiting Algol’s energy to Uranus.

3. Moon then applies to Neptune, the planet which represents oil.

4. The first pass of the Moon across the 2010 ingress Ascendant, one month after the ingress date, coincides with the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion.

5. June 26 lunar eclipse conjoins Pluto and squares the Midheaven/IC.

6. The July 11 solar eclipse falls exactly on the 2010 USA ingress Ascendant.

In the above analysis I have taken a minimalist approach using only lunar aspects between the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and the 2010 ingress horoscope for the USA. There are many more layers of meaning that could be included. However this list is sufficient to demonstrate the importance of the Moon in ingress charts in showing the flow of events for the following year.

It is of course impossible to interpret an ingress chart in isolation and without reference to the foundation birth chart. Neither can the larger perspective of long term planetary cycles be ignored.


Even when only the lunar aspects and associations are used there is enough to explain the relevance and importance of the Moon as representative of the flow of events.

I believe that if we are wise enough to embrace the wisdom of our astrological predecessors and incorporate this wisdom into our modern understanding then our skills will be enhanced.

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