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Tony Abbott elected leader of the national Liberal Party in Australia

Today on December 1 2010 Tony Abbott was elected leader of the national Liberal Party of Australia by one vote.
Tony Abbott was born on November 4 1957 in London, time of birth is unknown.
It is interesting that the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was also born in 1957, about 6 weeks earlier.
Tony Abbott is an intense and obsessive Scorpio, known for his cycling and tough fitness regime.
He has 4 planets in the fire signs, indicating that he is a very active person. The Moon in Aries indicates courage and leadership. 3 of these planets link up in which is known as a ‘grand trine’, indicating dynamism and assertiveness.
Tony Abbott has 3 planets on Scorpio, which is an intense water sign. The element water in astrology relates to emotional sensitivity and the sign of Scorpio is known for tenacity and toughness.
The combination of the Aries Moon and the Scorpio Sun indicate that Tony Abbott is a force to be contended with. This interpretation is diluted by Mars in the zodiac sign of Libra. In Libra Mars is less able to express forcefulness directly, instead preferring excessive diplomacy.
Tony Abbott’s progressed Sun and Mercury have entered Capricorn, and are aspected by powerful Pluto and Saturn. Tony Abbott is experiencing a Pluto trine Pluto aspect at the time of his election to the Liberal Party leadership. Pluto is often called the ‘planet of power’. It is interesting that both John Howard and Kevin Rudd were elected to the position of Prime Minister when Pluto aspected their natal Suns.
Tony Abbott is a man of the times. The last conjunction of the ‘Great Chronocraters’ (Jupiter and Saturn) took place in conservative Taurus, and Tony Abbott is known for his conservative views.

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