Vladimir Putin’s natal horoscope

Vladimir PutinThere have been some comments on FB regarding Vladimir Putin’s natal horoscope, some with a timed birth giving a Scorpio rising chart.

A quick check on AstroDatabank shows a rating of C. His birth time is uncertain.

While a Scorpio rising chart does not seem unreasonable as astrologers we must deal with facts.
His birth time is uncertain with different times being quoted.

The accompanying chart is un-timed. As there is no confirmed time of birth there can be no houses. The Moon‘s position is listed as ranging between 28 Taurus, which is approx where it would have been at the beginning of the day, and 10 Gemini, its approx position at the end of the day. Planetary positions have been rounded out. 

While transiting Saturn is making a square aspect to his natal Pluto, suggesting that he may be feeling intense pressure, Jupiter is make a square aspect to his natal Sun and a trine to natal Venus over the coming months, suggesting he may become more adventurous and gather support.


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